polyamide mesh 30 um

Šifra: 9068282*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Mesh, Polyamide
Thermo-fixed Polyamide (Nylon) mesh is temperature stable from -40 °C to 115 °C. In water from 95 °C to 100 °C. Stability in acids is limited and dependent on concentration and temperature. Nylon exhibits outstanding stability in alkalis, including sodium and potassium solutions. Its chemical behaviour with respect to organic solvents is moderate to good. Minimum mesh width: 102 cm, Length: 1 m

Other sizes available on request.
Manufacturer:Schwegmann Filtrations-Technik
Article description 1:Polyamide mesh 30 µm
Article description 2:width 102 cm, length 1 m