refraktometar dr6100-t

Šifra: 6241690*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Digital Laboratory refractometers
The DR6000 refractometers work with hardly any service and are very quiet, good for long-term work in the lab. Very easy to operate due to an intuitive touch screen. Optional connections to printer, PC or network provide highest flexibility. High precision through integrated peltier thermostat (T-model). Flow measurement cells enable continuous measuring (TF-model). The devices are used wherever a substance in watery solutions has to be measured.
Areas of usage: beverage, chemistry, pharma, food, paper, sewerage, textile, petrochemistry, cosmetics.
Manufacturer:A. Krüss Optronic GmbH
Article description 1:Digital refractometer DR 6100-T
Article description 2:MB: 1.3200-1.7000nD, 0-95 % Brix
Article description 3:with thermostate